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    George Washington The Boy of the Old Dominion: 1732 to 1799
    Most boys grow up to be honest, maybe even good, men, but do not stand out from the crowd. Occasionally, along comes a boy who is destined, either by character or circumstance, to make his mark on the world. In this work are included 21 biographical sketches of boys who became famous in the arts, affairs of state or exploration and discovery. Historical fact is blended with surmise and imagination to bring these boyhoods alive. - Summary by Lynne Thompson

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    A Day With William Shakespeare
    A fictional summer day (1599) in the life of William Shakespeare, written under the pseudonym "Maurice Clare" with poetry selections

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    Great Inventors And Their Inventions
    This book contains twelve stories of great inventions, with a concluding chapter on famous inventors of to-day. Each of the inventions described has added to the com- forts and joys of the world. Each of these inventions has brought about new industries in which many men and women have found employment. These stories, therefore, offer an easy approach to an imderstanding of the origin of certain parts of our civilization, and of the rise of important industries.

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